Learn About Ben: The Man Behind it All

15 years experience + Author + Public Speaker on Online Marketing

"I do what I do, because I love doing it. It's a passion"

Born in 1982, raised in England and played my first computer game on a commodore 64 at around the age of 6... I think I was destined to work with computers in one way or another!


I discovered the internet in 1992, did school and finished my GCSE's and A-levels, then went straight to university to study Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, achieving a 2.1 Bachelors Degree. 



It was at university when I made my first website and got into the online marketing (My degree was a bit boring). I dabbled with different jobs after university and started to learn SEO in 2005 and then went full time into online marketing in 2008.


Other personal achievements include speaking in front of audiences of 100+ in London about online marketing, being an author of 2 books that are available on Amazon and achieving a 778% increase in website traffic for my longest client of over 5 years. Click here to see Allstyle Windows Case Study


"We have trusted Ben and Valve Marketing for over 5 years now with our online marketing and are delighted with the results. They have developed bespoke online software for us, managed our seo, ppc and so much more. Thanks. Allstyle Windows"